Sunrise, Sunset, and Beyond

2014-09-16 23:22:24.000 – Ruth Innes,  Summit Volunteer


This week I had the privilege of being a volunteer at the Mount Washington Observatory. It proved to be one of the best weeks ever! Apart from the ‘usual’ experiences oflife at the top, we all experienced exceptional events:

1. Stunning, crystal clear sunrises
2. Beautiful sunsets (again, clear skies)
3. An Aurora Borealis that was, according to the staff ‘the best any of them have ever seen’

If you are reading this you no doubt have likely heard of the Aurora Borealis occurrence,as it was exceptional and has received worldwide attention in the days since. However, what you have not heard is how exceptional the whole experience was when you are here for a week.

Every day is a new experience, dependent on weather and planned Observatoryevents. One has the opportunity to learn as much as he or she wants aboutthe science of weather, hike/walk around the ‘land above the clouds,’ sitand reflect on life, and to practice one’s culinary skills on the staff.Innovative and creative cooking is encouraged.

This was my second time volunteering up here. I never expected this visitto exceed the experience of the first one…but it did!! Everyone who hasthe time and an adventurous spirit needs to experience an extended ‘stay’at the ‘Top of the World’. Thank you Mount Washington Observatory for the opportunity!


Ruth Innes,  Summit Volunteer

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