Sweet Martin

2016-08-08 17:59:04.000 – Meredith Campbell, Summit Intern


Today is International Cat Day, so I thought I’d give a little love to my favorite fur ball, Marty. A lot of people love Marty, and rightfully so. He is an awesome cat that I personally adore. He’s super soft, purrs really low, and is very (sometimes painfully) independent. In honor of this adorable holiday I thought I’d answer some common questions about Sweet Martin (not his really name, just what I call him).

Marty Cat by the summit sign in winter

Does the cat live here?

Yes. The observatory is staffed 24/7/365. We live here, and Marty lives here with us.

Was he named after Marty Engstrom?

Yes. Marty Engstrom also known as “Marty on the Mountain”, was a WMTV engineer famous for reporting the weather from the summit of Mount Washington for nearly four decades. Marty the cat was named in his honor.

Does he ever go outside?

Yes. Marty is allowed free range of the summit inside and outside, so on really nice days he likes to roam around the summit.

Can we bring Marty toys?

Marty has an abundance of toys on the summit, so he doesn’t really need more. He does love cat treats though.

How old is Marty?

Marty’s been at the Obs since 2008, and we think he was one or two years old at the time. So he’s somewhere in the 9-10 years range.

What breed is Marty?

He has been identified by the vet as a Maine Coon mix.

Where’s Marty?

Marty Cat sleeping in a box in the weather room

Marty is actually kind of shy, so on days when there are a lot of people on the summit, he tends to hide in the peace and quiet of our living quarters. He does have free range of the summit (inside and outside), so sometimes he’ll stroll right through the crowded rotunda. If you’re on the summit keep your eyes peeled!

Marty Cat sleeping on a chair in the weather room


Meredith Campbell, Summit Intern

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