The Birds

2006-08-27 04:35:22.000 – Tim Markle,  Chief Observer

Sunset Through the Clouds

It was about 16 months ago that I posted a comment about a few feathered friends that decided to stop at the Observatory windows for an overnight visit. Well…they’re back!!! Okay, maybe they are not the same birds, but nonetheless a few birds perched themselves on the window sills last night. In fact, as I write this there are still two of them hoping back and forth at the bottom of the windows. It is nice to have some company during the lonely overnight hours!

The overnight hours have been mainly foggy ones, with the exception of about an hour and a half of somewhat clear conditions. By clear, I mean fuzzy starlight shining through thickening high clouds.

Yesterday evening the clouds of the day parted just long enough for the crew to go outside enjoy a rather colorful sunset in what was very tranquil weather. Gazing up at the tower, we noticed the 3-cup anemometer stop on more than one occasion. Calm winds atop New England’s highest peak. Now that is a rare occurrence!


Tim Markle,  Chief Observer

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