THE EduTrip for Educators!

2013-02-24 16:44:56.000 – Will Broussard,  Outreach Educator


It has been a beautiful winter weekend atop New England’s highest peak. We expected more ‘exciting’ weather to accompany our sixth Edutrip of the winter season, but we will certainly take what we can get! With temperatures in the mid-20s, slight winds, light snowfall and visibility around half a mile, conditions have been reminiscent of a calm winter day in the valley. Due to low icing conditions and very little wind, the observers had the opportunity to install the mechanical wind sensor, which measures wind speed and direction through a combined wind vane and propellor system. This anemometer is more commonly associated with summer months, so it was a strange sight to see it alongside our hardy pitot tube static anemometer.

This particular Edutrip’s theme was ‘the EduTrip for Educators,’ led by Steve Roberts and Mark Parsons, President and Vice-President of the New Hampshire Science Teacher’s Association respectively. In addition to summit exploration and tours of the weather room and observatory museum, we were treated to a post-dinner show of weather-related demonstrations that teachers could repeat in the classroom. Temperature and pressure experiments, in addition to common misconceptions regarding the physical sciences were covered. The Observatory will be sure to benefit from these simple, informative and fun activities while visiting regional schools, museums and science centers in our Outreach Program.

For more information on Winter EduTrips or Education at the Mount Washington Observatory, follow the links!


Will Broussard,  Outreach Educator

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