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2010-01-13 09:48:19.000 – Al and Marion Lake,  Summit Volunteers

Sunrise this morning

WOW !!! What a difference a year makes!

Marion and I have volunteered at the Observatory since the early 90’s and have come to expect changes as the Observatory improves with the times. However, this year is one that ranks at the top of the list!

First, we started from the base in the ‘new’ Bombardier tractor which has a heated compartment for the crew and passengers, and each person has their own cushioned seat facing a flat screen TV. No! We did not watch TV on the way to the top as we were renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. The trip took about the same time as the old tractor, but after arriving we were in for a complete surprise. The interior of the crew’s quarters have been extensively remodeled. The furniture in the living area is new with 3 large comfortable couches. The wood parquet floor in the kitchen was replaced and the cast iron Garland stove is gone. It was replaced with a new electronic Viking gas stove. The best improvement of all was due to the changes the State made in the septic system over the summer.Water use in the winter has always been a concern as waste water had to be stored in the building until the leach fields thawed in the spring. The new system allows for normal use of water even in the winter. The change means the the crew can shower more than once a week. HURRAH!

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the crews willingness to accept new volunteers each week and make them feel a part of the ‘team’.

We thank Steve, Stacey, Mike and Drew for making this another great week on the ‘Rockpile’.


Al and Marion Lake,  Summit Volunteers

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