The Life of a Volunteer

2012-10-06 23:04:16.000 – John Donovan,  Summit Volunteer


Well, as an MWOBS member, one of the opportunities is to volunteer for service on a shift at the one and only Mount Washington Observatory. Once assigned a shift, you then wait in eager anticipation for the day to come. A volunteer’s responsibilities include cooking for the Obs crew, light cleaning, and maybe some painting if needed (don’t bring your good clothes for that). In exchange, you get to know the really knowledgeable weather crew, and hang out on the ‘Rockpile’ Home of the World’s Worst Weather.

So, here is what my day included today. Up at 5:30 am, into foul weather gear, and out onto the observation deck, head lamp and coffee in hand. Blowing 40 mph winds greeted me as I left through the Observation Tower hatch. I came in for a breakfast of eggs over easy, and thoughts of a lunch menu for some visitors hiking up to meet the new Director of Summit Operations. Well, they sat down to homemade Tomato Rosemary Leek Soup and Garlic Bagel Chips freshly toasted. In return, I had the opportunity to sit in with the visitors from The National Weather Service during a Q&A with the Obs Crew.

Now, I get back into gear and head up to the top of the weather tower where I spend 45 minutes dead on into 50 mph winds, gusting to 70 mph. Upon returning to the living space, I get to help Marty, the Summit Cat, but you all knew that, chase a mouse and chipmunk around the quarters.

I have to end this comment, as I must go back to the kitchen to bread boneless chicken cutlets for tonights dinner: Chicken Parm with Spinach Tortellini.

You can live the dream like me by becoming a MWOBS member.


John Donovan,  Summit Volunteer

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