The Start Of Ski Season

2014-11-14 05:41:13.000 – Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Meteorologist


With winter slowly but steadily tightening its grip over the summit, we are already entering the heart of our snow season. As of this writing, light snow if falling on the summit, with a few inches possible through Friday morning. Another more significant storm system could affect the higher summits and much of New England Monday into Tuesday.

November sees a pretty dramatic increase in average snowfall on the summit from October, with 37.8 inches averaged for November and only 17.6 inches for October. With this increase in snowfall and the colder temperatures required for snow, many of the nearby ski resorts in the White Mountains are already gearing up for the start of the season. Wildcat Ski Resort, located just east of the summit, has already opened up one trail so far, making it the first open resort in the area. Being someone who snowboards and is a general lover of winter, I’m hoping for a good ski season and plenty of snow on the summit in the coming months. Bring on winter!


Tom Padham, Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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