The White Mountains Today

2014-11-08 20:00:47.000 – Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Meteorologist


It might still technically be fall but for the higher summits of New Hampshire and most of New England, it certainly feels and looks like winter. The White Mountains of New Hampshire were certainly living up to their name today as snow and rime coated them from top to bottom (at least the ones in our immediate vicinity and to our north). But we don’t need to see these snow covered summits to know it’s winter, as the summit of Mount Washington certainly feels like winter even when in the fog. With all summit facilities/transportation options now closed, the various buildings are being winterized – unused rooms feel cooler from reduced heat, chairs are stacked, tables pushed aside, shops emptied, and doors boarded up. Outside, snow, ice, and rime coat everything and with the lack of winds today, crampon pockmarks dotted the trails from adventurous hikers that ventured up/down today. While we are technically still in a transitional month and all of this could melt off quickly, looking ahead, it appears that most of this will be sticking around for a bit. Therefore, the White Mountains are looking to remain true to their name for a while longer.


Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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