Things Are Looking Great This Year

2014-07-17 20:14:35.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Fair weather ahead!

This time last year, I was responding to numerous phone calls and emails with our valley staff about the expected weather for Seek the Peak weekend, none of which were very optimistic. Last year, models leading up to the event had a strong cold front moving through the area capable of producing high winds, heavy rains capable of flash-flooding, large hail, frequent lightning and even the possibility of tornadoes around the state. It was looking dire at best. The day of the event, the front delivered and while the summit did not receive a direct blow, thunderstorms were all around us, which, if you went to the after party, you’ll likely remember the brief period we had to evacuate to shelter as a cell moved overhead. It was an interesting period to say the least.

This year things are far less chaotic as the weather is shaping up to be pretty much ideal by summit standards. While tomorrow’s Higher Summits Forecast will have further details, preliminary numbers in the models this evening have the summits fog-free under partly to mostly sunny skies, temperatures will be climbing into the mid-50s, and winds will be 5-20 mph possibly becoming light and variable at times through most of the day. So, it will be a great weekend to be out and about in the White Mountains. If you’re participating in our Seek the Peak event we look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time. So make sure you stop in to say hello, get a station tour, and grab a bag with one or two of the cookies provided by our two wonderful volunteers this week.


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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