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2007-09-10 18:11:16.000 – Zach Allen,  Meteorologist

A cloud sandwich!

So I am the first one to write a comment on our “new” website. This feels like getting first tracks on an epic powder day at Jay Peak… almost. However this is exciting, 75 years and over 23,000,000 miles of wind has passed by! And I might add that the observatory does not look a bit like its age. So much has happened during this time that it is hard to fathom. If we asked the mountain to tell its story, it would most likely be an ambitious saga that not even Harry Potter could stand up to it.

Turning to the weather, Mount Washington finally received rain as did much of northern New England. After a very dry August (2.37” below average for the summit), the observatory recorded 1.26” of rain yesterday and already 0.62” today. This will help relieve some of the dry conditions the region has had over the recent months. For example, a couple weeks ago I started hiking the Long Trail in Vermont from south to north with my girlfriend Colleen. There was only a two or three spots to get water over the eighteen or nineteen mile section of trail we did. It was kind of scary to see.

What is in store for New England the rest of the month will be interesting as this is a transition month. One day there can be daily high temperature records broken and the following week there are opportunities for the first frost of the season. The cooler air begins to settle in as summer tries to last as long as it can. Leaves start to show their hidden colors and local mammals fatten up for the winter.


Zach Allen,  Meteorologist

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