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2011-06-26 16:13:35.000 – Jaclyn Ritzman,  Summit Intern

David Higgins and his winning car #75!

With the exception of Wednesday, we have been in the clouds for the majority of our shift. Things up here on the summit have been pretty quiet due to the inclement weather, but conditions did not stop people from attending the Climb to the Clouds race this weekend. Unfortunately, their trial runs on Friday and Saturday were limited to the halfway point due to road conditions. Although, on Saturday after the practice runs were finished they opened the Mount Washington Auto Road to the public so we got a chance to meet some of the drivers and their crews which was great!

The only real races I have ever attended were back in Wisconsin when I was younger, so being able to witness the Mount Washington Climb to the Clouds was very exciting for me! This morning, I grabbed the flip camera and headed down to the finish line where I got to meet some of the great volunteers who were working the event. They were all so friendly and equally as excited as the spectators. Up at the finish line as soon as you heard the roar of the vehicle’s engine they appeared out of the fog. Once David Higgins made it across the finish line, those keeping track of the times jumped out of their car letting the crowd know that he had just set a new record! Not only did Higgins break the record on his morning run, his afternoon run was even better with a time of 6:11.54.

Congratulations to all of those who participated in the Mount Washington Climb to the Clouds! Especially Slim, one of our Snowcat operators who participated in the race today. From what I could tell, it looked like everyone had a great time.


Jaclyn Ritzman,  Summit Intern

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