Thoughts from the new director

2012-08-09 23:52:46.000 – Cyrena-Marie Briede,  Director of Summit Operations

Tower at Sunset

I have to admit, it’s hard for me to wipe the smile off my face after spending my first 36-hours at the Summit. Mount Washington is world famous for its wind and wild weather, which I can’t wait to experience, but these beautiful days can’t be taken for granted, and they haven’t.

Yesterday was a busy day full of presentations from most of the Summit Observatory staff and was a great learning experience. As the incoming Director of Summit Operations, there is a lot to learn and understand about the Observatory, and I really appreciated the effort everyone put into their talks and the enthusiasm they had for their work.

With yesterday’s clear skies and calm winds, some members of the staff and I went out after dark and just watched the skies. I don’t think I have ever seen the Milky Way as bright as I did yesterday. We were counting the satellites and meteors that kept passing by. If the weather cooperates, the Perseid meteor shower this weekend could be an amazing show.

This morning I joined some Observatory Staff for a hike down to the Lakes of the Clouds AMC Hut where we began the relocation of an existing weather station, which was right up my alley, I have a strong background in and really enjoy meteorological measurements and instrumentation. The weather was again fantastic but some storms moved in later in the morning making for a soggy hike back.

So as I relax in my bunk at the end of the day observing the constant thunder and lightning from all the thunderstorms in the area, and Marty the cat sleeping next to me, I can’t help but smile and be truly thankful for this great opportunity and this amazing Observatory.


Cyrena-Marie Briede,  Director of Summit Operations

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