Thrilled to be Back!

2017-01-18 11:04:28.000 – Nathan Flinchbaugh, Summit Intern


Hello from Mount Washington! My name is Nathan Flinchbaugh, and I am thrilled to have the chance to experience winter on the Rockpile in the form of a summit intern. If my name for some reason sounds at all familiar, I was also here as an intern in the Summer 2015 season, making this my second stint with the Observatory.

My interest in Mount Washington began towards the end of high school, when I was beginning to discover that Meteorology was what I wanted to study post-graduation. I’d check the Observatory website every so often to look at the temperature and wind speed, and quickly realized this was a spot I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, my visit never ended up materializing, at least not until I discovered the internship program in 2015. It was that summer I was able to not only visit, but live and work on the summit.

During that period of time, I had the chance to obtain my first real world experience relating to my field and what I love. I also had the opportunity to meet countless visitors and volunteers, and create bonds with summit staff. One opinion that seemed pervasive across all of these individuals was that although summer is a fun and bustling time, it’s the winter that gives this location its notoriety. And upon leaving that summer, I knew I wanted to see the snow covered and rime filled summit on more than just a postcard.

I went back to Penn State, and did a bit of weather observing for the University while finishing up classes, and then graduated in December 2016. With my schedule over the winter months finally opening up, I decided it would be a good time to go live out my dreams of a Mount Washington winter. I am extremely grateful for the Observatory giving me a chance to work alongside them again, and am especially excited to learn more about, and contribute to this special place. I also look forward to chronicling my experiences here, on the Observer Comments section of the website in the coming months!



Nathan Flinchbaugh, Summit Intern

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