Thunderstorms today…

2006-07-25 08:24:13.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer

Walter on Madison…

The stats for this years Seek the Peak have been compiled, and we’ve put together a review webpage here. Thanks again to all the participants and volunteers for making this event such a great success!

The weather yesterday was quite improved from the rain and drizzle over the weekend. Though we started off in the clouds, the fog lifted by midday, allowing the second 100 mile visibility day this shift! Amazingly clean and clear air!

Late in the day, I got a call from Walter, an intern on the other shift yesterday from this cell phone.

“Can you see me?” he asked?

“Ummm…Where are you?”

“Mount Madison…” and I went over to the window, and through the binoculars there he was waving from 5 miles away. The picture at right is of Walter, a mere 6 pixels high!

He further explained that he was spending the night at Madison Hut, and was looking for a weather forecast. It’s a good thing he did, as the weather for his hike out today will be greatly deteriorated from the great weather yesterday afternoon. A high risk of strong thunderstorms beginning during the midday hours should have every hikers eyes to the skies today! I haven’t seen a good t-storm at the peak all year, and hope that everyone stays safe while we record (and enjoy) today’s weather!


Jim Salge,  Observer

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