Today is my day!

2011-09-29 18:48:50.000 – David Narkewicz,  Summit Intern


September 29th, which happens to be today, is a very special day for me. What is a day that happens once a year for each individual? A birthday and today is mine! When I was younger my birthdays were spent with my family and friends celebrating with a special meal of my choice, cake, and presents. In my college years my family and I had to celebrate through the telephone. Today has opened up a new chapter in my birthday experiences. I got to do something that most people do not have the chance to, the rare chance to spend it at the top of Mount Washington. The day seemed pretty ordinary as I went through my normal work day routine. But it was a bit different as I constantly received Facebook notifications from friends and family from all over the USA that expressed their different ways of saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. As I do not have cell service here my friends and family commonly contact me through Facebook. My birthday started off a little sour as the Red Sox’s were unable to clinch a wildcard playoff spot last night when the ballgame extended just past midnight. I knew the day wouldn’t stay sour though, keeping my head up thinking the day will only get better. It did as I got to spend the day hangout and connecting with my new friends who happen to be my coworkers. I am very happy to have spent the day with them as they helped make it memorable. Even though I have had previous birthdays and also know there are many more to come, this one will stand out for the rest of my life as I will always remember, ‘When I was 23, I was on top of Mount Washington as an intern loving the experience.’


David Narkewicz,  Summit Intern

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