Today, It Was Warm

2017-02-24 18:34:14.000 – Mike Carmon, Senior Weather Observer & Education Specialist


Temperatures over the last few days have been exceedingly mild for late February on Mount Washington. Although we haven’t broken any daily record highs, we came within 1 degree of our record high on Wednesday (2/22), we tied our daily record high yesterday (2/23), and as I write this evening, we’re closing in on our record high for the day of 42°F (the current temperature stands at 41°F).

Our solid snowpack of nearly 30 inches has dwindled to less than 15, and the well-packed ground conditions have turned to a mix of slush, glaze ice, and even some bare patches of rock and sedge peeking through. It’s quite remarkable how quickly a half-winter’s worth of snow has vanished into (literally) thin air over the course of only 48 hours or so. We have to admit, it’s gotten us winter-lovers up here on the Rockpile a little down.

Despite this February thaw, we’ve still recorded over 70 inches of snow for the month, which is more than 30 inches above the monthly average for February. And even though we’re in the midst of a warm spell, there’s still plenty of opportunity for some more snowfall before the month closes out, as a more wintry-like pattern looks to make an abrupt return to New England later this weekend.

In the meantime, the warmest ever February temperature was recorded in Boston today–a sweltering 71°F.

It’s true. Today, it was warm. And that will likely hold true tomorrow.

But two days from now, the story looks to take a dramatic turn. And that dramatic temperature plummet will only take us back to a February “normal.”


Mike Carmon, Senior Weather Observer & Education Specialist

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