Too Warm

2006-11-30 10:09:08.000 – Mike Renzi,  Summit Intern

Phenomenon known as glory

Too warm.

Those are my thoughts coming up the auto road for shift change yesterday. Granted, the road had some rime on it near the summit, but it was the second shift change in a row where we didn’t need the snowcat or chains on the tires of our truck. The warmth is unrelenting as we’re poised to break a record high today: as I write this the temperature is 43 and the record for the day is 44 set in 1934 and 2001.

This Midwest winter storm is expected to head up into New England by this weekend. Hopefully this is what changes the warm pattern into a cold snowy pattern. Come on weather, you gave us 7 inches of snow for the entire month of November. The average is 40.8 inches! You owe us some more high winds and boatloads of snow… especially since this is my last week on the summit.

Sadly, next Wednesday when I head down the mountain it will be my last shift change. I start a new job on Thursday as an IT Specialist for Weather Routing Inc., located in Glens Falls, NY. Much closer to my home, much easier commute (although a 5 hour drive from home to here once a week really isn’t that bad).

I got to experience 100+ mph winds, heavy riming, a green flash, and a myriad of other awesome phenomena that can only be truly experienced on the summit of Mount Washington. I thoroughly enjoyed my entire internship, and thank the entire crew up here for this opportunity.


Mike Renzi,  Summit Intern

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