Turkey Day on the Summit

2014-11-28 08:43:47.000 – Mike Carmon, Weather Observer/Education Specialist


Our weather station is operated year-round by observers on the summit, so to keep records consistent, this includes all holidays as well.

Our shift is scheduled for the holidays this year, so we wanted to make sure that Thanksgiving away from all of our families was a memorable one. It certainly was, thanks to the mountain itself, and the culinary skills of our whole crew.

When we arrived on the summit on Thanksgiving eve, the threat of a Nor’easter was looming large, and it did not disappoint! We received a total of 12.8 inches of snow from this event, by far the first major snowstorm of the winter season. Winds were light at the onset of the storm, so the light and powdery snow started to build up on the deck at first. However, as is usually the case on Mount Washington, the winds quickly ramped up, sending most of the snow blowing down into the ravines below. Enough of the powder stuck around, though, to give us a very White Thanksgiving!

The storm moved out quickly yesterday morning, and the sun managed to break through the fog and shine for most of Thanksgiving day. The focus then shifted indoors, as we prepared a feast fit for even the heartiest observers, looking to consume many excess calories in an effort to keep warm amidst this chilly alpine environment.

There was Tom’s Turkey, Caleb’s Cranberry Bread, Mike’s Mashed Potatoes, and Kyle’s Queso Dip. To supplement, we enjoyed gravy, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole.


All of the food was 100% homemade, and all prepared and cooked by our shift. And although we had some pies for dessert, most of us couldn’t even bear the thought of more food after the large dinner we had just enjoyed.

No worries though; leftovers are even better!


Even Marty thinks so!



Mike Carmon, Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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