Twas the Day after Turkey…

2006-11-24 11:05:35.000 – Bryan Farr,  Summit Intern

Thanksgiving Sunset

I am sure you have been asked every year, “What do you want or where doyou want to go for your birthday?” For me this year, I am getting tospend it atop Mt. Washington, a destination most people can not accessthis time of year and in my case, probably the most extreme and remotelocation that I have celebrated it over the past 31 years. It is next toimpossible to gather my friends and family up here, so I have gotten luckywith having three celebrations this year, one before I left, one on themountain and one when I get home next Wednesday. I think I can get usedto this!

With this celebrating, I must commend our summit volunteer this week,Kevin Talbot, for preparing a delicious Thanksgiving feast. The turkeywas juicy, the stuffing, well did its job and the apple crisp with realwhipped cream just topped off the evening. Nin enjoyed some turkey, whichmade him a happy kitty. Diane from the State Park also joined our table,and made a mouth watering artichoke dip appetizer. Of course in the endthis made us all retire to the lounge with legs up, slouching andwatching TV with eyes half open, taking hourly breaks running up thestairs to get an observation.

Today I am going to take the opportunity to take a hike. Withtemperatures approaching 40 on the summit and bright low-angled sunshine,it should make for a great day and give me the chance to walk off some ofyesterday, only to make room for cake tonight. Not too fear however,tomorrow and Sunday look just as nice. A mild temperature this time ofyear is just one of those odd feelings that can overcome you. Warmth andbright sunshine usually equate to the long days and lots of greenery,today there is no green to be seen, and the sun is gone from the skyshortly after 4 pm. Many people may not even realize how much the sunmoves across the sky during the seasons, but here are some examples toconsider.

Daylight today: 9 hours 31 min
Daylight June 22: 15 hours 4 min
Difference: 6 hours 13 min

This graphic explains the sun azimuth, sunrise and sunset angles of todaycompared to that of June 22, the first day of summer. On the bright side,we only lose 28 more minutes of daylight before we reverse and head backtoward summer. But before that, it is my hope that soon we will once againbe covered in a blanket of white and hikes will turn to runs down the snowfields!


Bryan Farr,  Summit Intern

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