Two years ago…

2007-10-23 04:10:58.000 – Zach Allen,  Meteorologist


As I awoke yesterday afternoon something struck me. Two years ago in 2005, a freak October storm dumped lots of wonderful white snow on the northern White Mountains. A friend of mine and I left our apartment in Holderness, New Hampshire to come up to ski the East Snowfields for a weekend trip. It was an epic late October. Being able to ski from the summit sign down to just above Lion’s Head was hard to fathom. Other places like Wildcat Ski Area opened up for a week while locals were hiking to ski Cannon Mountain. It was hard to get school work done for a week knowing up I-93 at Cannon there was knee deep power was calling!

Unfortunately this year is far from the conditions that were here two years ago. Yesterday broke a daily high record of 55 degrees set in 1979 by reaching 57 degrees! Already today the summit has tied the daily record for today which is 53 degrees, also set back in 1979. The throught of snow has been nothing but a dream. The summit staff can only hope that cold air will stay in place for the season. For now it appears that the only place to lay some ski tracks in October is in the Rocky Mountains.

Ball and Nelson’s Crag Then

Ball and Nelson’s Crag Now

East Snowfields Then

East Snowfields Now


Zach Allen,  Meteorologist

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