Under Pressure!

2014-09-24 20:03:00.000 – Kaitlyn O`Brien, Weather Observer/Education Specialist


High pressure has moved in and will be hanging around for the next few days, bringing beautiful conditions to the higher summits. In fact, today’s pressure reading topped out at 824.03 millibars, which falls within the top ten highest pressures recorded on the summit; the highest of which was approximately 826 millibars. As for what is more typically recorded at 6,288 feet, the climatological normal for the station is 801.22 millibars.

If you haven’t visited yet this season, be sure to take advantage of these last few summer-like days in fall! Not to mention, the leaves continue to gradually display a spectrum of color – a sight that is sure to impress. We’ll see you up here!


Kaitlyn O`Brien, Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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