Up All Night

2014-06-13 20:19:37.000 – Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer


Like the weather, work here at the Mount Washington Observatory is 24/7 365 days a year. To cover every hour of the day the staff on the summit is broken into different shifts to cover the 24 hours of weather observations in addition to the other daily tasks we are responsible for. When one of us get to go on a much deserved vacation that means the rest of the staff is left to fill void of being an observer down. While we do not mind helping fill the void, if the night observer is the one to take vacation that means that one of the two day observers will have to make the radical change of converting to the night shift.

This week, Tom who is our night observer is on vacation, giving me the chance to fill in for him on the night shift. It has been a fun few days learning the nightly duties that Tom does, and that I normally take for granite. It has also been nice to forecast again for the morning radio shows, we participate in daily. The only thing I have had a struggle with is adjusting to the nocturnal schedule of the night shift. While I am enjoying my week on the night shift, I will not give Tom a fight for his job when he returns next shift.


Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer

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