Update on Nin

2008-09-28 17:16:38.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer

Nin doing what he always did best

As many of you will remember, for roughly 15 years, Nin the cat was the beloved mascot and pet of the summit crew. In late December 2007, Nin retired from his post on the summit because of concerns regarding his health and age. It’s hard to believe that in just a couple months it will be a year since Nin left the summit. Of course, Marty arrived in January of this year and has done a fine job filling the role of the summit mascot since then. Marty is a great cat, but I definitely miss Nin.

Since Nin’s departure, we occasionally get asked how he is doing. Although I have unfortunately not had a chance to visit him at his new home in the valley(it is on my long “to-do list”) his loving owners often give us updates and occasionally pictures like the one attached to this comment. From what I hear he is, overall, doing very well. He has had a few ups and downs with his health but lately I understand that is better. I have been told that he loves to spend time outside on their deck, lying in the sun (because of his light fur color, he has to have sunscreen put on his ears!). Apparently he also enjoys going for walks as well. I actually had a few members stop in this summer and tell me that they saw a cat that looked just like Nin sitting on a fence in the town he lives in. They evidently did not know that Nin had left the summit because they were very surprised when I told them that was probably him!

So that’s the update on our old friend Nin. We’ll be sure to pass along updates on him in the future, and hopefully sometime soon I will have some pictures from paying him a visit!


Brian Clark,  Observer

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