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2011-01-28 16:57:22.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer


This has been a strange kind of nondescript day – not very windy, yet enough of a breeze to make it chilly outside, not too cold – just kind of hanging around 0 to 5 degrees all day long, mostly clear this morning with a few clouds flitting around then thin fog this afternoon. In fact this entire week looks like it will be very uneventful weather wise – oh how I miss a good storm! The howling wind and shaking tower, blowing snow and flying ice – hopefully next shift will bring better conditions.

So it’s been the kind of day to catch up with all our IT maintenance type tasks – operating system updates, checking on backups, installing new software releases, tweaking system settings and working on next year’s IT budget requests. We also started to prepare equipment for next week when we’ll be setting up some icing experiments – more on this later. Let’s hope we get some icing conditions next week, however, at the moment the forecast looks like we’ll be in the clear! You just can’t win.

Anyway it looks like our overnight guests have arrived – got to go….


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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