Views from the Summit

2014-12-05 18:06:51.000 – Michael Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


It was another beautiful day on the rockpile! Tom Guilmette, professional videographer and photographer, is up volunteering on the summit for the week getting much-needed pictures and video for the Observatory.  The mountain has been quite photogenic in the last 24 hours, allowing him to get some great shots!
Tom Guilmette isn’t the only one getting great shots!  With our new website, we’ve revamped our network of webcams both on the summit and at remote sites.  David Raizen at Scarsdale Security even generously donated two new HD Axis cameras, which we currently have set up for our deck and north views here on the summit!  You can also find one additional live view from our tower on their website here (please note that the PTZ function on this website is not enabled).
Another unique point of view you can see from our webcams is from our remote station located atop Bretton Woods Ski Resort’s highest peak.  Yesterday afternoon’s time lapse from this perspective offered a beautiful view of the sunset and moon rise (see a still from the time lapse below).  One of the many great perks of being a member of the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory is access to high-definition photos and daily time lapses like these.  We’re also working on some other great perks that I’m sure members will love, so keep your eyes peeled!  


Michael Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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