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2009-01-14 18:34:43.000 – Summit Volunteers,  Summit Volunteers


The wind is blowing, the snow is snowing, but I can weather the storm, I got my love to keep me warm. Wow, that would make a great song, ummm. Jeanine and I are finishing, yet, another week and the wind has, indeed, been blowing and there has been some snow, but Saturday was absolutely stella. The Edu-trip that arrived Friday morning in 300′ visibility had the pleasure, the next day, of walking off the summit under glorious skies. Saturday morn the sun was rising and the moon setting in the same moment. How fast things change, even weather. This trip was comprised of teachers along with two members of MWO staff and afforded us a fun and interesting two days.

A much over used topic of conversation, the weather often becomes the ‘ice breaker’ when meeting people we don’t know. Safer than religion or politics and always changing it makes the perfect catalyst. After spending two days with this group we have gotten to know most of them and have expanded our ‘friend list’. Most of the group was from New Hampshire with one from Vermont and spanning 40+ years in age. What fun it is joking, laughing and learning with such a diverse group. Arriving Saturday afternoon was a group of four, from EMS, hiking in for an overnight with us. Two from Connecticut and one from New York City with Craig, their guide. We have known Craig several years, his girls are 6 and 9 now, no way. Monday brought three more guests along with four MWO staff adding to an ever increasing circle of friends.

We volunteered here originally because of the weather and the allure of being on the ‘rock pile’ and it is still an incredible place to be, however, look what we’ve taken away. First there was Ken, Peter and Tim and later Ryan, Jim, Neil, Sunshine, Denise, and Sharon. Now Steve, Stacey, Brian, Ryan, Mike, Jordan, Ross, and Mike. Add the MWO staff Peter, Bill, John, Casey, Scott, Cara, Michelle, Karen and many more whose names have found a dusty corner of this old mind. We must also include the State Parks crew we have come to know. We are here this week only because the scheduled couple, dear friends, exchanged weeks with us.

The world news is bleak, at best, but can it be all that bad. Much like the weather, if we communicate, interact, and enrich ourselves from the people around us, it too will change. We came here to offer our services but have come away with far more than we’ve left.

Thanks to all,
The Kinney’s


Summit Volunteers,  Summit Volunteers

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