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2011-08-11 22:25:25.000 – Christy Keefe,  Summit Volunteer


A week ago today, I was getting ready to start my volunteer shift on the summit. My first concern was ‘Be on time!’ for the shuttle for shift change. Then, though I knew generally what I was supposed to do, my thoughts went to the specific unknowns – what was the ‘usual’ day like, what was life up here ‘really’ going to be like, would my co-volunteer partner be easy to get along with? Was I really worried? No. I figured that I’d take things as they came, roll with the flow and put a smile on my face. Bottom line, my fellow volunteer is fabulous (Julie – you’re awesome!), the crew is fabulous (do you expect anything less?) and I had a fabulous week and can hardly wait to come back!


Christy Keefe,  Summit Volunteer

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