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2010-11-03 15:13:46.000 – Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer


It sounds like a waterfall. It looks like a waterfall. As the clouds dance and dip into the Valleys, it’s simply mesmerizing. It’s one of the reasons I return to volunteer on Mount Washington time and again. I never get tired of the gifts this mountain gives me when I visit. It’s always an experience. When I arrived last Wednesday, most of the previous snow storm had washed away from fog and rain. Thursday was amazingly beautiful. I took advantage and went for a stroll down to Lakes of the Clouds hut and back. Then the fog rolled in for a prolonged visit. Today however was a new day. A beautiful day to strike out around the summit. After being in for a few days due to too high winds and too low temperatures, never mind the fact that nothing could be seen due to the fog, I was more than ready to get out and do a walkabout around the snow and rime covered summit. I enjoyed time with Erica, (the current intern). It was nice having her accompany me for a walk this morning. (Nov. 2)

This evening we were given a beautiful sunset. I chose to attempt to get the sun as it kissed the clouds in the SW. I wasn’t disappointed. Tomorrow I go down and back to work on Thursday. Armed with the renewed spirit I always get from my time here, everything always seems enlightened when I return home.

I do have a confession to make however, I discovered another place that I fell in love with this summer. It’s Burnt Island, off Boothbay, Maine. Two totally opposite terrains, two opposite experiences, yet very much the same in that each has much to teach us about our environment.


Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer

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