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2008-07-30 08:09:56.000 – Steve Mauran,  Summit Volunteer

This has been an incredible week for me as a first time volunteer. Not knowing what to expect and admittedly a little nervous, things quickly began to happen in more ways than one. I got briefed on the duties of a volunteer when I arrived on Wednesday and on Thursday began to find my way through an unfamiliar kitchen, in an effort to produce a worthy meal. In the mean time a storm was bearing down on the summit bringing rain and wind gusts to 70 mph. Thursday saw the arrival of an Edu-trip which added 4 more to the usual 9 at dinner. On Friday, we had lunch with the Subaru sponsors who were up for Seek the Peak. That added 9 more for lunch. After the Edu-trip and Subaru people left we began baking for the 250 hikers who would show up throughout the day on Saturday for STP. Thanks to Dennis, an extern working on the summit, we were able to produce enough yummy cookies for everyone to enjoy. Being able to go down to the base to participate in the after party was a real treat.

As things began to settle down in the kitchen, things also settled down outside. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were beautiful days, allowing me to get out and enjoy life above tree line. I enjoyed hikes to Mt. Monroe, Huntington Ravine, and Mt. Jefferson. I have experienced my first sunrise and sunsets from the top of Mt Washington, as well as being able to wander around the summit at night in the fog in 40 mph winds. Over time I became familiar with the kitchen and the crew. It’s just like a lot of things in life; just when you get used to and good at something it’s over. The crew has been fantastic and I enjoyed getting to know each one and learned something from each one as well. I got to spend some time with Marty as well. I look forward to coming back again to share a week with people I have so much in common with.

And a quick note from the Weather Discover Center…
Don’t forget to join us this evening at the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway Village at 7PM for Subaru Science in the Mountains: A Passport to Science.Using videoconferencing technology we’ll visit the University of Rhode Island to talk to Dr. Isaac Ginis, Professor of Oceanography. Dr. Ginis will offer a general overview of hurricanes, examining the tools used at the National Hurricane Center and emphasizing the use of hurricane models in forecasting. Admission is free. Seating is limited, please arrive early. Refreshments will be served.The Weather Discovery Center is located next to Citizens Bank in North Conway. For more information call (800) 706-0432 ext. 225


Steve Mauran,  Summit Volunteer

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