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Today is Wednesday October 10th and as we get ready to leave after our first week of volunteering at the Summit we find we have a reason we made far too much spaghetti sauce earlier in the week, we’re feeding everybody lunch today at shift change!

It’s been a terrific week here at the Summit with Kyle, Zach, Stacey, Linnea, Karen and Sharon but of course the main treat was meeting up close and personal the King of the Mountain, Nin! After getting the “new volunteer” tour by the previous volunteers, Nin came down and gave us the once over, climbed into my lap and said, “you’ll do.”

It’s that time of year and all new volunteers are advised to bring some kind of lotion to moisturize their skin, never fear if you forget, everybody shares up here.

Treks over to Jefferson and down to the Lake of the Clouds were spectacular. I know it’s purported to have the worst weather in the world up here but on those days the staff decides enough is enough they whip up some amazingly clear days to wow everyone who comes up here. One member of a tour group came in expressly to thank the staff for a beautifully clear day in which to visit the Summit. Stacey quietly said, “Thank you, we’re happy you are enjoying the day.” They are so understated up here for the work they do to provide those marvelous days.

The highlight of the week was the 1 am wakeup call by Zach to participate in the outdoor game of deicing the tower. Mike got to practice his crow bar skills using the “adjuster” and I got my first official Mount Washington ice candy! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Well as we head down we are already planning what to provide in terms of menu’s for next time. We found that desserts and baked goods are as important as the meals. The appreciation of our baking skills was demonstrated as the plates of brownies, cakes, muffins and whoopee pies mysteriously vanished from the kitchen table.

Stay safe out there…and volunteer up here!

Mike and Sue Zlogar Summit Volunteers


Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteers

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