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2011-12-27 19:07:45.000 – Annette and Jon McKenney,  Summit Volunteers


Greetings from the rock pile!

My husband and I choose to celebrate the holiday a little differently this year and signed up as volunteers for the Mount Washington Observatory during Christmas week. This was not an easy decision since we’ve hosted our families’ holiday festivities for the past 13 years. However, we saw the volunteer week as an opportunity to experience winter above the clouds, surrounded by nature’s beauty and extremes, and in the true spirit of the holiday to ‘give a little back’.

This is the time of year we find ourselves in the mode of sharing, giving, receiving and reflection. Our week as volunteers for the Mount Washington Observatory has been all that and more.

SHARING…in true holiday fashion, the Observatory staff, the New Hampshire State Park staff and ourselves enjoyed two wonderful evenings sharing holiday meals together. All of the staff has been great in sharing their summit and weather knowledge with us.

GIVING…our giving is in form of our time in the kitchen (as we are responsible for dinners) and light chores…and maybe a few extra baked treats.

RECEIVING…we arrived here with no expectations and were open to new experiences. We’ve seen beautiful sunrises, clear blue (and windy) days, unforgettable sunsets, snowfall and starry nights. We’ve received more than we ever expected!

REFLECTION…as we close one year and enter a new year, we are reminded that what we choose to do with our time is so valuable. Investing our time where we can make a difference, where we can share with others, and where we can take away memories, is such a gift!

Thank you Brian, Ryan and Roger for such a memorable week!


Annette and Jon McKenney,  Summit Volunteers

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