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2013-02-20 22:33:40.000 – Gary Casperson,  Summit Volunteer


My first winter week as a volunteer on the Rock Pile has been exciting. I have been looking forward to this week since June 2012 which was my first summer volunteer session on the mountain.

We have experienced some very good weather with low to moderate winds and good visibilities. Then on Sunday the Observers forecasted 110-120 mph winds for Monday. These forecasted winds would give me the opportunity to join the Century Club. The wind force on the body was unbelievable as I ventured out unto the deck early Monday morning. Struggling to stand up and to get around the wind did bring me down onto the deck one time.

The experience has been wonderful, the full time crew is great and my volunteer co-worker, Mark, is a great cook.

Now in my remaining hours on the mountain I would like to give my salute and farewell to the Top Cat. Yes, Marty the Cat who is in control and also maintains the remote controls.


Gary Casperson,  Summit Volunteer

Overview of Lapse Rate Research

May 20th, 2024|0 Comments

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