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2012-12-19 02:36:43.000 – Bruce & Mitch,  Summit Volunteers


Life at 6,288′ for the last week has presented a variety of opportunities. The drive up was in the 4 wheel drive Obs van equipped with tire chains for a scenic trip to the summit. Bruce and I arrived with the staff and two photographers with anticipation of what was in store for the week ahead. We soon settled in and became familiar with our surroundings and started to prepare our first meal for the group. Dinner conversation allowed us to develop new found friendships and become comfortable with our new home and of course, Marty.

The next several days provided clear conditions with spectacular views of the surrounding snowcapped summits and picturesque valleys. While venturing out on the observation deck at night we were presented with a bright night sky and a spectacular display of shooting stars (Be sure to check out the ObsCast for a time lapse video produced by Whit Haynes). We could easily see lights from Bretton Woods, Jackson, North Conway and beyond. We rose early the next morning to view a colorful sunrise. Conditions for hiking with proper gear were in order so off to Mt. Clay we went. This provided an interesting perspective of Mt. Washington and the surrounding area. As we returned to the summit of Washington, the weather quickly changed. Soon we were in the fog with limited visibility as the winds increased.

As the days quickly progressed, we have become engulfed in snowy conditions with winds gusting to 90 mph. One of the tasks to be completed here during a storm is of course snow shoveling. Shoveling snow into high winds certainly provides an interesting challenge. One even has to be careful to not let go of the shovel as it would certainly be blown away. With the onset of the storm, our trip down the mountain will most likely be in the snow cat.

Bruce and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the entire staff of the Mount Washington Observatory for allowing us this unique opportunity to volunteer here on the summit. We encourage anyone who is interested in Mt. Washington to become a member of the Observatory and take advantage of all it has to offer…including volunteering on the summit. For additional information log on to mountwashington.org. or visit the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway Village. They also provide a well-stocked gift shop for last minute holiday gift shopping ideas.


Bruce & Mitch,  Summit Volunteers

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