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2012-09-04 23:03:17.000 – Arline France & Priscilla Simm,  Summit Volunteers

Yes, it’s time to hit the road. This is our seventh day on the mountain. We are sore from hiking to the Lakes of the Clouds and down by the Great Gulf where we were warned of a bear sighting. We have survived it all with humor and awe of the changing weather, from sunrise to sunset and everything in between. Winds were ferocious the first two days with gusts up to 85 mph – it sounded like a railroad train.

The crew was fun and helpful as usual. Cooking for the crew has been good, especially for a VIP group of four for lunch earlier in the week. We made French Onion Soup with crostini/melted Swiss, anadama bread, fresh mushroom quiche and hermit cookies and blueberry cake for desert.

Our guest was the President of the Observatory, Jack Middleton whose wife was the daughter of Joe Dodge. She is featured on the cover of the summer edition of the current “Windswept” magazine. William Putnam was also a guest and a friend of Joe Dodge. He wrote the article on Annie Middleton for the summer quarterly bulletin of WINDSWEPT. He is also the author of the book “Joe Dodge”, who began the hut system and the Mount Washington Observatory.

Volunteering for the Observatory is a great way to donate your time and energy. It is a great way to find out about the organization and what they are all about. It’s an adventure of a lifetime!

Observer Footnote: Less than 10 tickets still available for this Saturdays Sunset Soiree. So act now before it is too late!


Arline France & Priscilla Simm,  Summit Volunteers

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