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2012-05-08 22:23:29.000 – Candace & Bill Rapf,  Summit Volunteers


Spring really has sprung here on the top of the Rockpile. Outside today there were flying, biting insects, and some birdsong was heard. It has been a wonderful week to be a summit volunteer. We have now been here in winter, summer and spring, and all were very different. This has been the most fun!

We came in the drizzle and fog but warm temperatures of last Wednesday. We made a stop to put chains on the van before attempting the unpaved section of the road, and arrived in fine style. The next days were warm and though some of them started off in the fog, we got some sun in all of them. The hikers were out in force, and the Cog Railway made it’s first trips of the season on the weekend. The strong winds for which Mt. Washington is famous were in hiding. Each day we managed a few hours outside, taking walks and short hikes.

Inside, it was relaxing. Rebecca, Mike and Steve were the crew on our last trip up, so it was fun to be with them again. The winter interns have left and the next group has not yet started so it was a small group. And, of course, Marty was in his element. He is looking and acting both happy and healthy these days. He got some practice in for his role as summit ambassador by chatting up the tourists on the deck. He has become quite the ham, even posing for photos. When Candace took the photo you see here, she took several shots of him asleep in his spot on the couch. Then he awoke and just laid quietly until he finally turned over, fluffed out his tail, and looked at her as if to say ‘There, this is my best side, take the picture now!’. So, she did!


Candace & Bill Rapf,  Summit Volunteers

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