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2008-01-22 17:37:54.000 – Steve Moore,  Summit Volunteer

Curious Cat.

This is my ninth time visiting the summit, always in winter, and it’s always different, except that Nin has always been here and now he has retired to the Valley. His replacement, Marty, is very black and difficult to see at night when the lights are out except for his bright yellow eyes. He is quite inquisitive and has spent a lot of time exploring cabinets, drawers and closets. Marty is also very acrobatic when playing with a mouse or ball much to the enjoyment of all of us. I think he will be on the summit for a long time as he seems to be very happy here and enjoys being around people.

The weather of course has been different throughout the week. We started out with bright sun and fairly warm temperatures. Then we went to cloudy and snowing and then to the deep freeze with -26 temperatures and winds hovering around 100MPH. Just what I was looking for!If you want to see Marty in person, take the opportunity to volunteer here on the Rockpile for a week, its always fun and lots of people to meet and cook for.


Steve Moore,  Summit Volunteer

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