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2007-05-09 13:31:44.000 – Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer

A Perfect Day

I can’t believe this week is over. I’m sitting here with Nin at my side writing these comments and thinking WOW, This has been the most phenomenal week I’ve ever had at the peak of Mount Washington. From the day I came up to my leaving the weather has been incredible.

The visibility unending.

My hosts, Kyle, Jon, Mike, Alan and Nin have been gracious and fun to spend time with. As hard as they work, they also take time to unwind and have some much needed fun. Although there truly isn’t much down time to be had with the schedules they keep. (I’ve learned to appreciate Scrubs, a show I would not have watched otherwise.) I even think Nin was laughing.

I’ve been able to get in at least a short hike every day that I’ve been up here. Some days, although clear, the wind was too strong to venture far, but at least I’ve been getting out. Although, admittedly even in horrible weather up here, I do try to get out at least a few minutes every day.

It’s pretty busy up here right now, between the crew at the State Park and the Observatory crew getting ready for tourist season. Signs are being put out; the museum is being redesigned, the necessities taken care of (getting bathrooms up and running etc.) This coming Saturday the auto road may actually be open. What a difference a day makes. When I came up on the 2nd we had to ride the Cat part of the way due to snow and ice on the road, and within that week the road is nearly ready to open, the Cog Railway crew has been busy shoveling areas of the track, to prepare that as well. Soon the summit will be filled with tourists once again.

This weekend brought many hikers to the summit. Although windy it was irresistible to many.

While I was out I was reminded of the importance of all who not only work at the summit, but work on the trails, in the huts, etc. Were it not for the cairns there have been times when I certainly would have lost the trail.

I’ve done my share of trail work and know how hard it can be.

For every means of coming to the summit of Mount Washington, whether it be the auto road, the cog or hiking, there are many hands that make the journey possible and safe.Volunteering here gives one an appreciation of what really goes on here at the Observatory as well as in the State Park area as a whole. It takes a tremendous amount of work and consistency to keep everything in working order, especially in the harsh conditions of winter.

To the Observatory, Thank you for the opportunity I’ve been given to help out in exchange for the experience I am never disappointed with.

For more photographs by Katherine check out www.photographybykatherine.com.


Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer

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