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2014-02-20 07:25:59.000 – John & Gina Rescigno,  Summit Volunteers


WOW, where do you begin, I guess in the parking lot where Slim starts ups the engine to the Snow Cat. This is an experience all in itself. Slim provided Gina, my wife, and I with a smooth ride up the mountain; I even got to sit up front. Watching him gracefully move enormous snow drifts to make way for us was spectacular. We were fortunate to have a clear day with visibility to the Atlantic Ocean, but the snow covered mountains is what we came for, and the views were magnificent.

Volunteering is perhaps the best way to experience the power of Mt Washington. It offers you the perfect balance between work and play. Can we call it work? I don’t think so; we found it to be enjoyable and rewarding. We felt a sense accomplishment when preparing a dinner or lunch for the groups that came to visit the summit and knowing that some of the paint in the new museum, Extreme Mount Washington, was applied by me gave me a great feeling inside. Then there was the time to play and play we did. There wasn’t a day that we did not go outside to experience all that the mountain had to offer. Whether it was a hike or just an hour on the summit, the mountain gave us everything we wanted. Wind speeds in excess of 100 mph, subzero temperatures, rime ice, drifting snow, which by the way is sculpted beautifully by Mother Nature and those clear days where you can see for miles.

But most of all Becca, Ryan and Mike make volunteering worthwhile. Their hospitality, charm, stories and willingness to answer any questions you may have makes you feel welcomed. Of course, let’s not forget Marty, he does enjoy his alone time, but then will sit with you on the couch.

Thank you for having us!!!

Observer Footnote: Our FREE educational series continues today (Thursday) at 7PM at the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway Village. Tonight’s presentation will be on the fundamentals of Climate and will conclude with a live connection to the summit of Mount Washington. For more information about our Vacation Week Series, please see our Events Page.


John & Gina Rescigno,  Summit Volunteers

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