Volunteer notes

2008-06-10 16:34:23.000 – Diane Chamberlain & Laura Cran,  Summit Volunteers


We arrived on Wednesday in the fog. In the flurry of activity getting the supplies down to our living quarters we really did not see much.

After getting settled Brian gave us the safety tour. When we finally had time to go outside we were in a thick cloud and some of the time could not even see the Cog in front of the building.

The food prep was a little tricky at first. We had some things to learn about high altitude cooking and baking, but the instructions on the cupboard door saved us from any real disasters.

Finally on Saturday the sun appeared in time for us to hurry through dinner to go outside through our battle ship door and watch the sun set. AWSOME!!!!

Sunday was gorgeous and we decided to walk down to Lake of the Clouds hut. We took our time and tired ourselves out,the views and the people on the trail made it all worthwhile. Though exhausted (Diane moreso than Laura) we still managed to fix a dinner for the MWO staff.

Now we are looking at the few things that need to be done so things are in good condition for the incoming volunteers, and packing our stuff to take down with us. It has been a great adventure and we leave in the hope of returning, maybe in the winter (Laura says not in the winter).


Diane Chamberlain & Laura Cran,  Summit Volunteers

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