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2012-05-15 23:12:34.000 – Steve and Ramona Hill,  Summit Volunteers


Being a Summit volunteer is one of the best privileges that I have ever enjoyed. And to think that if I had never typed in ‘Mount Washington’ that day back in 2001 when I was surfing the Internet, I never would have experienced life on the summit that ‘The Ob’s’ has made possible.

My wife Ramona and I left Vermont early last Wednesday and drove to the base of the Auto Road to meet Brian, Ryan, Roger, Chris, and Ken for the trip up. The van was loaded and we were on our way. Several times on our journey we could look down from the Auto Road and enjoy the views of the low lying clouds in the valleys. Ken called in at Home Stretch and we were soon offloading the van, working with the down-going shift to form a chain to make it easier. Our thanks to Candice and Bill, the down-going volunteers for a great in-briefing, which allowed Ramona and I to hit the ground running.

This was Ramona’s first shift as a volunteer. She knew that I enjoyed my trips to the Ob’s, especially working for and with a group of dedicated professionals, who do not merely survive on the Summit, but excel in the service they provide to the ‘Weather’ community, and the people who enjoy the Mount Washington area. She has had such a good time that she has started planning of our next shift. In addition to our volunteering we were able to have several nice walks around the Summit and I was able to get in a hike down to Lakes, over to Tucks and then back to the Summit.

When I tell friends that I am going to spend a week on Mount Washington at the OBs, they ask why I do it. I tell them that amongst other things, that I enjoy the weather. The most common follow-up question is what is ‘good’ weather on the Summit? I tell them that a good week on the Summit has some severe weather such as high winds, and some milder weather that allows you to get out and enjoy the hiking, skiing, photography, and other activities that are available.

The most enjoyable part of the day is sitting down to supper, enjoying the fellowship and camaraderie as we shared our days. It is truly an honor to be part of the Mount Washington Observatory. You can join the Mount Washington Observatory and visit the Ob’s. You can volunteer and experience life on the summit. Take advantage of the educational opportunities and try one of the EduTrips. You will not regret it!


Steve and Ramona Hill,  Summit Volunteers

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