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2008-11-25 16:34:41.000 – The Weeks,  Summit Volunteer

A shot of the tower from earlier in the week.

The weather, the people, the food, the photos…

My third volunteer week on the summit… Typical Mount Washington weather – everything from temperatures in the teens, relatively clear, sunny, and calm, to below zero temps, double-digit below-zero wind chills, zero visibility, and gusts over 100mph. One of the reasons that I always enjoy coming up here.

My third shift with Brian and Ryan… (plus Intern Mike!) Typical Brian and Ryan – everything from helping Brian install new test equipment on the tower, in less than ideal conditions, to staying up a couple extra hours to chat with Ryan, along with all the laughter, bad jokes, and good movies throughout the shift… Another reason that I enjoy coming up here.

My third shift cooking for the crew… This time, a smaller crew – only four of us – two observers, one intern, one volunteer… Cooking up here is always interesting – plenty of supplies and ingredients (can’t run out to the store if you forget something…), and limitless choices as to what to make (sometimes too many options). The altitude, and necessary changes to recipes, often makes things like cakes challenging, as does the oven, which seems to have a mind of its own… At times, the oven make take an hour to reach 400 degrees (or go roaring past), other times, it may never reach the desired temperature… Despite this, we’ve had a wide variety of food this week, including chicken parmesan, leg of lamb, tamale pie, homemade chocolate cake, and homemade vanilla ice cream.A few nights ago, we had pizza… I always enjoy cooking, regardless of where I am, but it is yet another reason that I enjoy coming up here. Cooking good food for people who appreciate it is always fun.

Last but not least, the photography… Because I was here for Seek the Peak, this was actually my fourth opportunity to enjoy the weather and scenery up here, and photograph it. The views, and the weather through which you see them, are unique, as are the structures on the summit, the snow and ice formations, and the sunrises and sunsets – all provide spectacular opportunities for photos, which could not be found anywhere else. Yet another reason that I enjoy spending time at the summit.

On an unrelated note, the fox came out to enjoy the good weather yesterday…

If you have not visited the Observatory, you should add it to your list of things do to. There are Day Trips, EduTrips, Seek the Peak, and more. Note that for Day Trips and EduTrips, you must be a member of the Observatory – which hopefully you already are anyway! If you can’t make it to the summit, you can visit the Observatory’s Weather Discovery Center in the valley instead…

Now that you’ve finished reading this, be sure to check out all the new features that the website now has to offer…

Ed O’Malley


The Weeks,  Summit Volunteer

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