Volunteer Reflections

2007-10-17 08:08:22.000 – Paul Goundrey and Steve Walsh,  Summit Volunteers

Tower at sunrise

Thoughts from the Top, my first week as a volunteer:
-Cooking for 8-11 people is hard work.
-Having fun cooking for 8-11 people with fellow volunteer Steve.
-Choclate Chip bars, homemade hot fudge sauce (thanks Aubrie) and whipped cream, ‘nough said!
-Quite a place to call home for a week, imagine Bigelow and Monticello Lawn as your backyard!
-Things I noticed in 70 mph wind, snow and fog:
*Ever try to empty a mouse trap?
*If you like winter this is the place for you. Loving it!
*Don’t need to go for a long walk for a really good workout!
*Photography is very challenging. Brings a new meaning to ‘Point and Shoot’.
*When pieces of ice hit you in the face it hurts!!
-A picture of rime ice does not due justice to its’ intricacy and beauty.
-Really glad they don’t use outhouses.
-Loosing track of time. ‘Hey Steve what did we have for supper Sunday night?’. ‘You mean LAST night Paul, chicken stew’.
-Feeling like a kid at Christmas after 3 to 5 days (back to that loosing track of time thing) of winter like conditions of fog, wind, snow and NO SUN!
-All worth it with a glorious Tuesday, sunrise view of Atlantic Ocean, hike up a snow covered Mt. Monroe, walk through Bigelow Lawn and a sunset!
-Thanks for the liquid refreshments Steve, I’ll be more prepared next time.
-Thanks to Dan and the other State Park employees for their hospitality.
-Comardrie, and thanks to the MWO staff for sharing their home with me.
-Hope they’ll have me back.


To the summit staff, thanks for a great second opertunity to volunteer. More and better rime ice, two great sunrises, and one awsome sunset.The crew was as nice as could be expected, the weather did exactly what was expected, and I had the experience which I expected. The other volunteer,Paul, said it all. To all members, I again recomend this experience to all of you. As proof to our comments, please see our photograph. I think I can speak for both of us, we would love to do this again.



Paul Goundrey and Steve Walsh,  Summit Volunteers

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