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2009-03-18 08:55:28.000 – Mt. Washington,  Summit Volunteers

Marty’s Bad Fur Day.

It’s been an incredibly busy and beautiful week up here on the rock pile. We had the amazing experience of viewing sunsets and sunrises seven out of seven days;along with the opportunity to meet a variety of fascinating and interesting people. Mike and I spent the better part of the week in planning, preparation, serving and clean up for Edu trips, special visits, day trippers and EMS hikers. We have developed and honed our skills for managing busy weeks and look forward to reflecting on and refining our cooking and baking styles for our next visit.

Sunday was our only day to go for a hike and what a beautiful day it was! We hiked down to the Lakes and Mike hiked up Monroe while I enjoyed a rest at the Lakes Hut and the views all round. We made a “bushwack” over to the Tuckerman Ravine Trail for the return trip up the mountain. Major piece of advice…do not come up without your sun deflecting goggles, “bright” doesn’t do the intensity of the sun’s reflection off the snow justice.I have to say for a busy week we were stunned silly by the sunrises and sunsets, silence your only gift back for the gift seen. A blast of wind to the tune of 118mph began our visit and the sounds of WOKQ to end our visit.

Brian, Ryan, Mike and Ali provided encouragement and support, great stories and much appreciation for meals served. St. Patty’s Day was duly celebrated by the staff of the OBS and WOKQ, meal and company made for a wonderful last evening on the summit. No visit would be complete without the assistance and attention of Marty the Marvelous.Face it, the Summit would not be the Summit without its premiere host.

Mike and Sue Zlogar


Mt. Washington,  Summit Volunteers

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