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2014-01-07 14:28:01.000 – Betty Olivolo & Chuck Bailey,  Summit Volunteers

Sunset we witnessed.

Just finishing up a great week on this amazing rock pile! The weather didn’t disappoint us – something different every day – snow, rain, freezing rain, high winds (almost to 100 mph), no visibility, and then unlimited visibility. During those clear days, we had the good fortune to see a beautiful sunrise (just one, since I love to sleep in the morning), and comparable sunsets! Totally breathtaking!

We had a fun EduTrip here over the weekend learning about mountaineering, and we got to join in on Joe Lentini’s slide show – amazing photography, and enlightening info on mountaineering from New England to Pakistan!

I was most impressed with the observation team that we had the honor to join this week: Ryan, Becca, Roger, and Mike. They are each such hard workers, obviously enjoy what they do, and also enjoy each other – a really impressive team! Just think about going out to check the instruments every hour, 24 hours a day, no matter what the weather! Imagine freezing rain and high winds – and keeping upright! Or doing it in the middle of the night! They must get to see incredible star shows on those clear evenings. Of course, getting to hear their crazy and fascinating work stories over dinner, kept us entertained. It was an unforgettable week, and if we are lucky, they will invite us back! Oh, if you want to volunteer on Mt. Washington, we highly recommend it. Just join the Observatory, and apply to volunteer in the summer, so you can come back in the winter! You won’t regret it!!


Betty Olivolo & Chuck Bailey,  Summit Volunteers

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