Waiting for 100mph…

2006-10-28 13:10:30.000 – Bryan Farr,  Summit Intern


The end of October is certainly turning out to be a roller coaster ride for weather atop the Rockpile. A week ago winds gusted to 129 mph, some snow fell, followed by a nice day, then back in the clouds and snow to pick up around a foot on the ground, followed by bright sunshine and sun-baked warmth.

All this quickly turned around to today’s myriad of snow and sleet, and wind speeds nearing 100 mph. Every hour is filled with de-icing our instruments, scraping the doorways and sweeping the snow (and blowing sleet) out of the tower! When winds blow this strong, they will find any crack and opening to get into.

At least today we are not the only ones feeling the extreme weather; most of New England is under some form of advisory for high winds and heavy rains extending from land to sea.

I like the fact that each new shift I come up here proves to be just a bit more severe and long gone are the days I wore shorts on a shift. Now I am making sure that there is no exposed skin, because I tell you, sleet hitting you at 90 mph HURTS! But still I love it. In all honesty I am awaiting the 100 mph winds that are forecasted to reach the summit by mid-day. I am gearing up to attempt the century club. On my first outing, I am not sure I can complete the trek around the observation deck without being knocked down, but it is worth the shot.


Bryan Farr,  Summit Intern

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