Did You Know You Can Get Up-to-Date Forecasts and Current Summit Conditions from Any Amazon Alexa Enabled Device?

Mount Washington Observatory provides our full Higher Summits Forecast via either a Flash Briefing, or by enabling the Mount Washington Skill on Alexa.

Alexa Mount Washington Skill


Click on the image to visit Amazon, and enable the skill.
Once enabled, activate the skill anytime by saying:

‘Alexa, ask Mount Washington – What is the Weather?’

See below for more questions you can ask, such as historical weather for any day since 1935.

Forecast Flash Briefing

Play our higher summits forecast on your Alexa enabled device at any time. The forecast is updated twice daily.

To activate, click on the image above, and choose ‘Enable Skill’

To use, just ask Alexa ‘Alexa, what is my Flash Briefing?’

Mount Washington Skill example instructions:

Alexa, ask Mount Washington what is the weather?  This will give you current summit conditions.

Alexa, ask Mount Washington, what was the weather yesterday? This will give you yesterday’s overview

Alexa, ask Mount Washington, what was the weather on February 25th, 2019? (you can ask for any day since Jan 2nd, 1935)

Alexa, ask Mount Washington, what is the forecast? This will play the audio version of our Higher Summits Forecast.

Mount Washington Flash Briefing instructions:

Just say, ‘Alexa, play my Flash Briefing’ once the skill is enabled. This will play your pre-configured flash briefings, as well as the Mount Washington Observatory Higher Summits Forecast audio forecast, recorded twice daily by our summit staff.