Well Below Zero

2013-12-14 18:31:48.000 – Samuel Hewitt,  Summit Intern

A Snow Drift in Front of Yankee Building

Sometime this evening, the temperature will rise above 0 degrees (Fahrenheit) for the first time since 5:00PM Tuesday. In that time, temperatures have dropped as low as -22 and winds between 50-70 MPH have produced wind chills close to -65. This is the coldest temperature the summit has seen this season, and the first time it has reached -22 since January 24th. Because cold air doesn’t hold as much water vapor as warm air, it has been extremely dry up here over the last few days. At our 8:00AM observation today, the temperature was -9 with a dew point of -68. That results in a relative humidity of 3%.

In an effort to try and combat the dry air, we have had two large humidifiers cranking in the weather room. They have been pumping countless gallons of water into the air each day, in yet we can only manage to raise the humidity to 30%. But, it is better than 3% right? In addition, we have all been drinking lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated. These are the driest conditions and coldest temperatures I have ever experienced and I look forward to more extremes over the coming months!

In other weather news, all eyes are focused on a storm system across the Mid-Atlantic which is beginning to transfer its energy to a secondary area of low pressure off the Delmarva Peninsula. The storm will rapidly intensify as it moves northeastward, passing close to Cape Cod before entering the Gulf of Maine. We expect snow to begin on the summit during the early evening hours and last through much of the day tomorrow. When all is said and done, we could see 12+ inches of snow!


Samuel Hewitt,  Summit Intern

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