What a lot of stuff!

2007-11-17 13:44:54.000 – Linnea Koons,  Summit Intern


The Good Morning America crew started coming up yesterday – 3 trips and literally a ton of gear. We have been getting quite the work-out unloading satellite equipment, radios, batteries, lights, cables, wires and camera equipment.

With the current conditions outside (-22ºF wind chill) we have to be very careful to bundle up completely whenever we venture outside to unload the Snowcat, get the precip can or do an hourly weather observation.

Karen and I have been getting ample opportunity to practice our snow shoveling skills. With almost a foot of snow and plenty of high wind there are a lot of drifts. We have spent several hours shoveling the entrance and making sure the emergency exits are clear. The wind is “only” 50-60mph at the moment, but still some important things need to be kept in consideration when going out with a snow shovel. We have to be careful to keep the shovel close to our body so it can’t get caught in the wind. There could be some pretty severe consequences if it goes flying – something you usually don’t have to worry about when shoveling your driveway!


Linnea Koons,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

Spring is Here By Alexis George Our snowpack, although still present, has slowly been dwindling over the course of this month. At the beginning of March, there was a snow depth of 27 inches

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