Whistling Ravens?

2008-05-17 05:17:51.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

Wicked sweet sunrise, dude!

This morning has started out quite a bit differently than yesterday. It is still quite cloudy, but we are overcast at a couple thousand feet rather than the varying layers present yesterday. The sunrise a day ago was brilliant, coloring the clouds several shades of red and gold. Today I caught only the briefest glimpse of the sun before it ducked back behind this thick stratus layer. Rather than being greeted by the sun, I was welcomed by wee snowflakes striking my face. Don’t worry though – you valley folks won’t be getting any. Virga, precipitation falling, but not reaching the ground, surrounded the summit, limiting our visibility to just 8 miles. Looking out the window visibility now seems to be improving a bit.

We don’t really need too much more snow. Although Tuck’s disappeared faster than I think anyone anticipated, the East Fields are still in good shape, allowing skiing down nearly to Alpine Gardens. You just have to hike down a bit further to get there. I hiked over yesterday and lapped it twice, putting some turns down on the corn snow. I was considering going for a third, but was distracted by a pair of ravens. I was sitting on a rock when I heard a whistling noise. I do really like ravens, and I think I’d even consider coming back as one someday, but they are not the most melodious of characters – but alas, they can whistle. It’s just not with their beaks, but with their wings through the wind, providing a nice rhythm, punctuating it with flapping. Maybe not melodious, but musical nonetheless. This coupled with the sound of trickling melt water made me just lay back, drink some water, and enjoy the panorama before heading back up the hill to begin work.


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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