Window to ski…

2007-05-01 10:49:10.000 – Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern


This morning I was greeted with the news that we were FINALLY CLEARING! Yes, it does happen on this shift……sometimes. After being in the fog for several relentless days, with rain, mixed precipitation, and then thunder snow yesterday, it’s about time we get to see more than the end of the observation deck. Of course, with that sounding slightly negative towards the weather up here, I should remind everyone that I enjoy that kind of weather, and the extreme weather is why most of us are up here.

Back to the current weather, winds look to be lessening today as well, after boosting to near 100 mph yesterday and remaining above hurricane force overnight. As temps rise this afternoon and the sun peaks through for a few hours, hopefully the snow will loosen up from its present rock solid state, and give some of us the opportunity to make some turns in the snow fields. This is highly dependant on the sun, as solar gain will be what softens up the snow, as temperatures won’t be getting above freezing on the summit today.

Regardless, we look to be going into a warmer, much drier weather pattern for the upcoming week. With any luck, this will continue into our next, and my final, shift on the summit.


Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern

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May 20th, 2024|0 Comments

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